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I Need New Drama in My Life

No, you’re not lost. You are still in my geek blog. And part of my geekiness is my obsession towards these drama series on TV.

Late last year, I decided to stop watching TV series like CSI (all shows – Las Vegas, Miami and New York), House, The Mentalist, NCIS (including their LA series) and Criminal Minds. Even when I now end up watching some lame shows because of this, I decided to put an end to my addiction to these police procedural and medical dramas. I still watch Grey’s Anatomy and Private Practice though because they bear more stories than the first ones I mentioned in this paragraph.

I actually got hooked on watching these series because of the seemingly perfect technology they have in finding out the truth about the different cases they handle. All those high-tech equipment (including laboratory furnaces), all the tech  / geek mumbo-jumbo ideas their resident nerds say or come up with, and the immaculate wit of the lead investigators quite enveloped me into spending hours watching these shows.

Most of the things they showcase in these shows may be true, I know. I’ve had firsthand experiences of some incredibly ridiculous things that most people I encounter consider shocking to actually happen to someone they know, let alone me. 😀 I don’t know if that’s a good thing, but I hope you get my drift.

I decided to stop because of the recurring pattern or plots. To better explain this, check out this image.

Typical plot in House and most police procedural drama

Oh, that image is from 9gag, one of my favorite meme and humor site. 😀

So yeah, it got to a point that I no longer find Dr. House’s humor appealing anymore. I guess it’s been too repetitive. Same with the other crime TV series.

Right now, I’m watching talent search shows like American Idol, The Voice (which I love, love, love!), comedy series like How I Met Your Mother and Modern Family, plus action / suspense series like Game of Thrones and The Walking Dead.

How about you? What TV series have you stopped watching and any new ones you could suggest?