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A Brief History of Web Design

Website design was a simple endeavor when the first websites started to show up on the Internet. The webmaster only needed to understand how to write a few lines of code that the browsers could pick up and read in order to get their message out to readers. The biggest challenge was trying to decide how to write the code for different browsers. It seems outdated now, but the browser wars of the 1990s made it hard to write a website for both browsers.

One browser could read advanced text attributes, which made for colorful designs, and the other browser could not see the font changes at all. This was frustrating and unnecessary, but until the programmers at Microsoft and the programmers at Macintosh stopped fighting, the designers had to use very limited code.

Once a truce was called in the browser wars, those with programming knowledge began to cooperate with one another to determine a universal language for all web design and code. Hyper Text Markup Language (HTML) went through several revisions and updates until it was recognized by all the browsers that were on the market.

Browser compatibility

In cyberspace, time travels quickly, and it was not long before other types of coding and graphics were introduced in websites. Not all the changes were good, but people wanted more graphics, movies, design options and 3D formats. These things were complex and consumed a lot of bandwidth. While a small number of people were on either DSL or cable, most of the people were still struggling with dialup Internet. This meant that many websites were rendered useless due to the inability to load on slower machines with spotty service.

Like those days, the change in the way that people view websites has drastically changed. There are now tablets and cellphones that are designed to view pages of websites. Not all sites are optimized for these smaller screens.

If someone wants to get into the field of web design and graphics, they need to consider a digital media degree that will get them hands-on experience in the current technology. While the technology will continue to change rapidly, someone with a degree will also have the ability to catch up rather quickly because they will have the foundation to anticipate changes and work towards staying ahead of those changes.

The Web will continue to grow as technology develops. There will always be a need for someone who understands how to grow with it.

Why Your Business Should Have a Website

Having an eye-catching website involves the implementation of a visual design coupled with HTML and CSS codes. The appearance of your website often helps readers determine whether to purchase your products or services. You will acquire more traffic to your website with a compelling web design as well as credible content. Rather than struggling through the technical aspects of building a website, you have the opportunity to utilize the website builder from, whereby experts will help you build an attractive website that conforms to your business goals.

Online presence for your business

Most of the website traffic for many businesses comes primarily from people who use search engines to find the best results related to certain keywords. By implementing effective online marketing strategies, including optimizing keywords for search engines and utilizing online advertising methods, your business can rank within one of the top search results for specific keyword searches. Statistics show that most people use search engines to find information regarding just about any topic. By obtaining the assistance of web design experts, who are trained at optimizing a website for search engines, you can rapidly grow your business into national and potentially international markets. Because of the ever-increasing popularity of the Internet, creating an electronic version of your business is an important strategy for maintaining a competitive edge in your industry.

Easy and Free Website Builder

Being a website designer, I know how complicated it can be to build your own site from scratch. If you’re like most people who are not as keen when it comes to programming or you prefer a more visual process when building your website, the level of difficulty can be overwhelming.

Over a decade ago, I learned how to make my own website through free website builders that were available then to anyone with a decent internet connection. Since the capabilities of those tools were limited compared to what we have today, I had to force myself to learn HTML the hard way.

Fast forward over 10 years, the amount of tools available to everyone has greatly increased. Almost anyone can now create and use a free website builder to put up their own space on the web.

Take for instance IM creator. If you’re into minimalistic designs (something I’m getting more attracted to nowadays) – simply yet elegant – then, you should give this site builder a try. Here’s a 60-second video on how you can create your own website with the tools they have to offer:

See? Very user-friendly, chic, simple and, best of all, it’s FREE!

If you don’t have the budget to hire a web designer and you have limited knowledge of coding, then, you should most definitely try IM creator. I highly recommend this site builder for artists or photographers who want a simple way to display their works online.