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Win FREE Dota 2 Beta Keys!

Defense of the Ancients or Dota all started as a modification (mod) for Warcraft 3 and it has now become one of the most played and anticipated stand-alone games in the world of computer gaming. Though I can’t count myself as an expert, I’ve had countless days of playing Dota and I completely understand why it’s addictive and fun, especially when played with friends in a local area network.

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Thankfully, Valve Corporation developed this mod into a stand-alone game known as Dota 2 as it’s been a very successful game for quite a long time now. Gamers who play at home don’t have to go through Garena anymore to play Dota 2. Oh, and did I mention the amazing graphics in Dota 2? I LOVE IT! 🙂

Having an internet café / computer shop business here in the Philippines, I knew players here will demand that I install and give them access to play. After checking ways to gain beta keys, I was surprised to learn that Dota 2 Philippines was generous enough to give me Dota 2 beta keys for my computer shop AND 20 more to give away. Thank you! 🙂

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Dota 2 by Valve Corporation


Free Dota 2 Beta Key Giveaway

Without further ado, here’s your chance to win FREE DOTA 2 BETA KEYS! The mechanics are pretty easy, so just follow the steps below and good luck!

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Point Blank Now on Open Beta!

First off, let me tell you about Point Blank. It’s the newest First Person Shooter (FPS) game here in the Philippines, brought to us by IP e-Games, the company behind popular online games such as RAN Online, CABAL, Dragonica, Granado Espada and Runes of Magic.

Point Blank Philippines poster -

If you’re not familiar with what an FPS game is, example titles of this genre are Counterstrike and Quake. Basically, you control an avatar and you get to use weapons (guns, knives, etc) to kill enemies. You navigate through maps and perform the mission for the game you joined in.

Point Blank was developed by a Korea-based gaming company Zepetto. This game is currently one of the top online games globally, most especially in Indonesia, Thailand and Russia.

Being a long-time player of Counterstrike and another FPS game, I got pretty excited when we were invited to the Point Blank bloggers meet-up where they announced upcoming updates in-game. It was our first time, Ken and I, to play the game. My bro’s pretty hooked on Crossfire, but was open to trying out this new FPS.

My bro Ken playing Point Blank at Netopia -

Well, guess what, he enjoyed playing it so much that we couldn’t even talk to him! When we got home, he got pretty excited and installed the game right off the bat. Here’s a photo of him playing past 2am. 😀

Ken played Point Blank as soon as we got home -

Now, how does this game compare with Crossfire? I actually had my customers at my shop test it out. I was only supposed to install the game on 2 computers first, but after some customers started playing, they all begged me to put it on all the computers. Fine! 😀

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