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blankPixels – The Geek Side – Soon to Launch

This is just a quick post to let you know that I’m STILL working on the theme of this blog. And, I also decided just 2 weeks ago that I’ll be turning this into my geek blog. I’ll write about gadgets, computers, photography, design (graphics, web and blog) and more of those geeky stuff.

I hope you keep posted. I might launch this blog with a free blog makeover giveaway. For now, you can visit my other blogs:

Just Another Pixel

Pinay Online Money Maker

Certified Foodies

Pinay Reviewer

Internet Cafe Blog

Designs by blankPixels – Soon to Open

Under Construction

Finally, my own blog about my designs and digital artworks. Some of you might not know that I’m a freelance graphics designer and I used to design websites, too. However, because of my REALLY busy schedule, I can no longer continue to pursue web designing. But, I still love to design different things and this is where I will share them to the world.

However, I’m on a very tight schedule nowadays so please bear with me while I fix this space. I hope you all stay tuned for any updates. In the meantime, you can visit my other blogs:

  • Just Another Pixel – my personal blog, where I write about my life, my adventures, and news-worthy topics I’m really interested in.
  • Pinay Online Money Maker – my blog about how I make money online. I write guides and articles here filled with tips and techniques to get you started in earning money online. I also post proofs of payments and withdrawals here to inspire you and to prove that I do make money online for real.
  • Certified Foodies – our food blog. I share this with my partner Mai and my brother Kien. It’s all about our foodie adventures, food product and restaurant reviews, and our own recipes, of course.
  • iCafe Blog – I share this blog with my partner Mai as we talk about (more like rant) our crazy experiences as internet cafe owners here in the Philippines. Mostly in Tagalog / Filipino so if it’s in that language, it’s not meant for everyone to read.
  • Pinay Reviewer – my review blog where I share my opinions on everything under the sun.


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