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Why I Love My Job

Since January 2012, I have been officially working full-time at home as a Social Media Manager for a US-based company. Some may find it cheesy, but I feel like I found my calling. Though I have always excelled in other jobs I took on in the past (no, I’m not bragging – just stating the truth 😛 ), being a social media manager has been really fun and interesting for me.

Working from home

And when I love what I’m doing, it’s only inevitable that I’ll somehow be noticed for the kind of work I do and my work ethic. That’s why late last year, I was promoted to supervisor of our team of social media managers. I am currently handling a group of 4 SMMs, and I consider myself the right hand of our manager.

I believe that in the 10 months that I’ve been officially managing our team, I have improved the quality of work my team members have put out. I have imposed certain rules and implemented a couple of weekly and monthly responsibilities here and there with the hopes of keeping the morale up while ensuring the team performs.

One of the most important things I believe I have improved with the team is their time management. I wanted to make sure everyone is using their time well and not extending work hours, which usually happens in work-at-home situations because people are more likely to slack off since they can do the work later.

I have weekly coaching sessions, which is currently postponed with the amount of work I’m getting, but I implemented a weekly report to keep them in check on how their clients are performing.

I do miss, however, holding meetings or conferences in a formal office environment. It’s difficult to completely get people’s attention when you’re only text chatting on Skype. They can acknowledge what you’re saying without genuinely paying attention.

I remember, back when I was still a team leader in the last 2 companies I worked for, I hold my team’s meetings and our agents’ training sessions inside spacious conference rooms where the IT department ensures have the most attention-grabbing multimedia enhancement. With the continuous advancement of technology, I’m sure there are more high-tech audio video solutions available today. One can even use a smartphone for presentations, which I would’ve loved to do this coming week.

Anyway, I am enjoying what I’m doing because, I believe, managing people is also one of the things I’m meant to do. And since social media is ‘in’ and continues to become a bigger part of our lives, I believe I’ll be enjoying working as an SMM for a long time. 🙂

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Defense of the Ancients or Dota all started as a modification (mod) for Warcraft 3 and it has now become one of the most played and anticipated stand-alone games in the world of computer gaming. Though I can’t count myself as an expert, I’ve had countless days of playing Dota and I completely understand why it’s addictive and fun, especially when played with friends in a local area network.

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Thankfully, Valve Corporation developed this mod into a stand-alone game known as Dota 2 as it’s been a very successful game for quite a long time now. Gamers who play at home don’t have to go through Garena anymore to play Dota 2. Oh, and did I mention the amazing graphics in Dota 2? I LOVE IT! 🙂

Having an internet café / computer shop business here in the Philippines, I knew players here will demand that I install and give them access to play. After checking ways to gain beta keys, I was surprised to learn that Dota 2 Philippines was generous enough to give me Dota 2 beta keys for my computer shop AND 20 more to give away. Thank you! 🙂

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The Perks of Working Online At Home

2010 was a significant year in my life. It was when I discovered that I have a major potential to make money online and work from the comforts of my home. I worked as a freelance writer, graphics designer  and web administrator. Fast forward to 2012, I am now a Social Media Manager for a US-based company and I can’t be more thankful. I believe I am where I’m supposed to be, doing exactly what I was destined for.

Working online has many perks, but I had to go through a couple of hurdles along the way because I’m used to working with a team that I meet up face to face. Good thing that we’re pretty much independent on what we’d like to do, so there’s not much need for face time. Plus, there are a ton of tools out there that make working online at home and dealing with a team that are miles away from you a whole lot easier and manageable. There’s also Skype if we do need that face-to-face meetings with our boss who’s based in New York. The possibilities are endless! 🙂

My dream home office

I have friends who envy me for being able to work at home. I mean, what’s not to love? Let me share with you some of the reasons I feel so lucky and blessed to be given this opportunity to work at home.


No more hours of getting stuck in traffic and spending too much time on the road. Living in a place where the nearest office I can possibly work in is at least one hour and a half away does suck. I spend a total of at least three (3) hours per day to get to and from work. Now, I wake up at least an hour before my work schedule, I  take a bath and put on my regular clothes, and voila! I’m ready for my 8-hour shift! 🙂 This has enabled me to spend more time with my family. I don’t get off work feeling very tired enough to not even be able to carry a decent 15-minute conversation with my family. 🙂

Traffic in Manila


Less distractions, less temptations. I know, this might sound funny, but in my case, I can focus more when I have in a controlled environment. I’m a control freak like that. 😀 I don’t have a colleague around me who’ll ask me to go on a quick smoke (good for my health too! I stopped smoking again and it’s been months since my last one). I can focus on what needs to get done while still being able to coordinate with my team who are at their own homes through Skype. In a way, it makes me more efficient. 🙂



Less expenses on transportation and food. When I used to work in Cubao, which was the closest office I’ve ever worked in for the past decade, I spend Php 100-200 for transportation everyday when I was taking the bus. I spend about Php 50-100 on my meals or food at work. I had no time to cook and prepare food, so I spend Php 150-300 per day. When I got promoted, I chose to take a cab to and from work, which increased my expenses to Php 300-500 per day. I was earning Php 1,000+ on a daily. Imagine how much money I’m losing. Now, though my salary is a fraction of what I used to receive, it’s manageable since I have less expenses. (But, of course, I wish I am earning more. 😉 )


Being in charge of what goes on in your ‘office’ makes it less stressful. If I need to take a quick break to stretch, eat a snack or just to rest my eye for spending hours in front of the computer, I can do so without worrying about my boss breathing down my neck the whole time. Being in control makes me more efficient because I feel less stressed and pressured. However, I feel like I’m just lucky to be working for a company who trusts that I’m doing my job well, and I believe I have showed them my dedication through how I take ownership. 🙂

Those are just the main perks of working online. I’d be sharing the other side of working online on my next post about what I hate about working online. And, of course, more reasons I love working online and at home.

If you’re an online worker like I am, please share your thoughts or whatever perks you’re currently enjoying other than the ones I listed here. 🙂