About blankPixels

Hi! I’m Mhel / Michelle and this is my tech blog where I write about all the geeky stuff that interest me.

I am a Jane (read: Jack) of all trades. I love tinkering with computers, but I usually stay away from legit hardcore hardware repairs as I leave that to the experts, most of the time because of the warranty. I am a proud geek.

  • I’m a Computer Engineering graduate, but I had an unbridled love for design, so I geared more to that.
  • I have a computer shop / internet cafe business. I set it up myself and networked all the computers. I also take care of all repairs myself. I didn’t do the crimping and cabling though.
  • I love gadgets. I think most of my earnings are spent on just two things: food and gadgets.
  • I enjoy writing guides and tutorials, which is why you’d find most of my contents here are tuts.
  • I LOVE designing! I’m not good at drawing, sketching, caricature, photo manipulation though.
  • Everything I know were self-taught, except for Adobe Flash animations.
  • I’ve been a tech support before and I also like helping out people, especially my friends, troubleshoot their computer problems or simply to make things easier and faster for them.
  • I LOVE blogging. I’ve been doing this since 2004, but only committed to this passion of mine in 2008.
  • I work as a Social Media Manager so I revel in reading social media news and tips, and then sharing my own guides on my blog.
  • I love taking photos! I’m the main photographer for our food blog Certified Foodies. I hope to continue learning more about this.
  • Finally, I am a gamer. I love online and offline games, especially RPG.

I hope you find something useful in this blog. If you have any inquiry or concern, feel free to contact me.

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Why Blank Pixels?

Everything starts from blank pixels. 😉

It’s my name as a designer, and it’s what I use everywhere.

Below is my design portfolio. I haven’t completely updated it, but I’ll add my other works there gradually. I only design as a part-time job, and I sometimes take on design projects as a hobby. If you’re interested in having me design for you, may it be for a blog or website, contact me.


Social Media Enthusiast

I’m currently working as a social media manager / online community manager, with a team leader position as of this writing. If you’d like to know more on how I can help you manage your social media marketing, contact me.

I love everything about social media, and I consume and share contents like crazy! 😀 Feel free to follow me in the following social media channels:

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