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Google Plus Shows Recommended Posts

I’m using various plugins on my WordPress blogs to display my recommended posts. I also have plugins specially for social sharing. Just a few minutes ago, after publishing a new review on my blog Pinay Reviewer, I was about to give it a +1 when I saw this new popup screen with Recommended Posts from Google Plus.

Google Plus now shows Recommended Posts on their button

This is the first time I saw this. From my research, the posts that’ll be listed on there will be ranked based on +1s, traffic or visits, and comments. However, I noticed that the posts that are showing up are the most recent ones and are almost in the same category as the currently displayed post.

I love that Google+ has added this because it can help increase traffic to other posts that the viewer might also be interested in. Once they hover their mouse on the G+ button, they’d see that recommended posts bar.

The only downside to this is the reader has to be logged in to Google+ for them to see this. I tried it in an incognito window of Google Chrome and I only saw this message:

Publicly recommend on Google  plus

And then it’ll prompt you to login. I wish it’ll still show the recommended posts even when the visitor is not logged in to Google because I know there are many people who usually just come and go without finding the need to login to their Google account.

I don’t remember seeing this Recommended Posts screen on Google Plus. Have you seen it?

Changes in WordPress 3.4 : Upgrade Now!

I just upgraded my blogs to the new version of WordPress, and I’ve already observed and tinkered with a few of the improvements and additional features of WordPress 3.4 Green‘. I highly recommend you upgrade now, BUT make sure you’ve made a backup of your blog and database first.

Wordpress 3.4 Green

Here are some of the new features of WordPress 3.4 and my feedback:


Live Inactive Theme Preview

If you’re planning on switching to a new theme, it’s now easier with WordPress 3.4. It now lets you preview and edit installed themes before you even activate them.

Live Preview of inactive themes

This way, you can design or make changes in the background without visitors seeing any of it. It’s like using plugins like Theme Test Drive.

Live Theme Preview on WordPress 3.4

You can change the main colors, header, background image and basic layout right on the Live Theme Preview page.

The header’s dimensions can also be adjusted depending on your theme. Plus, you can also choose from the default headers that your theme came with or images you already have in your media library.

Change header image on Live Theme Preview page

Every change you make will automatically be applied on the preview on the right. However, in my observation, there’s a slight delay with the changes being applied to the preview, so be patient.

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