A Gift Idea for your Music Geek Friends

I used to be in a band back in college (can you believe that I’m one of the lead vocals? :D) and there was this one time that we had a gig we’re playing for a close friend of ours. The place was a bit small so we couldn’t bring any of our instruments. Our drummer thought of recording and mixing our music on his laptop computer and we’ll just use it in our performance. We all thought it was a cool idea and so we went for it.

I can’t remember exactly what program he used, but it’s some kind of software where you can recreate the sounds produced by different musical instruments, particularly the drums set. We were pretty satisfied with the result and our performance was a hit. It was actually a birthday celebration and everyone enjoyed our mix. So, we did that for a couple more of our gigs before I had to leave the band ‘cause of some personal reasons. But, we still communicate through Facebook and chat.

One of the things I enjoy during Christmas time is browsing different online stores for gift ideas for friends. I enjoy it so much ‘cause I sometimes get reminded of my old friends because of some products that I know will be perfect for them. And, when I saw the EZ drummer, it reminded me of my friends from my band in college, especially our drummer because, well, he was pretty special to me. 🙂

The EZ drummer is actually a drum sampler that you can use to come up with music tracks using your computer. It has this drumkit interface that makes it more enjoyable for you to use it. You can easily visualize an actual drum set. I remember the one we used back then wasn’t this visually realistic.

It even has this mixer where you can easily adjust the quality of the hihat, snare, etc., to get the sound you wanted. Cool, eh?

So, if you’ve got a music geek friend like I do, especially if they love to create or mix their own tracks, you might want to consider buying them a copy of this. 🙂

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