New Canon PIXMA Photo Printers : More Efficient and Earth-Friendly Printing Solutions

Over a week ago, I was invited to the launch of 5 new Canon PIXMA photo printers. Being a Canon printer user myself (I currently have 2 in my computer shop), of course, I didn’t pass up the chance to find out what’s new.

First off, let me tell you why I am a Canon printer user. It’s all about the printhead. I love the fact that if the head fails, I can easily replace it without having to take all the parts out or without needing to replace the whole printer completely. This is extremely important for a business like mine where they take on the challenge of printing a ton of documents weekly. Most of my customers print their resumes in multiple copies (in preparation for applying to various ERP Jobs probably), photos they got from Google for their research or assignments, etc. My Canon printers don’t just save me money, but they make me more efficient ‘cause they’re heavy-duty compared to other printers I’ve tried.

Here are the 2 Canon printers I use:

Canon PIXMA MX416 All in One printer with Fax

I am IN LOVE with my Canon PIXMA MX416 printer. It’s a scanner, copier, fax machine and printer in one! Plus, you can send print jobs to this baby wirelessly! Cool, eh? 😉

I got rid of my old all-in-one printer because I needed a copier that can handle long or legal-sized paper / documents. This printer has a feeder at the top so you can use it for copying those long documents or if you don’t want to manually open the scanner’s cover for every document you’re copying. Just leave them all on the top feeder and wait. 🙂

This other printer I own, a Canon IP3680, is no longer available in the market the last time I checked. It’s a photo printer and have been really good to me. Now, I use it primarily for document printing because it no longer feeds photo paper properly, probably after moving it around during typhoon Pedring.

Canon IP3680 Photo Printer

But, this printer has delivered to its promise. After a couple of adjustments with the color settings, it printed out photos just like how I see them on the screen. I wish to buy a new  photo printer very soon so I can achieve that photo print quality again. 🙂

Anyway, going back to the launch event of Canon’s new printers, Allen Chang, marketing manager of Canon, proudly shared with us that the brand have grown since 2007. They are now leaning towards products that are environment-friendly and energy-saving, but still with sleek features such as high-definition quality and even wireless printing. These were the new PIXMA printers that were introduced to us that night:

Canon PIXMA MP287 printer

Canon PIXMA MP287

It’s a very compact all-in-one (AIO) printer. The design reminds me of my old AIO printer from a different brand, but I love Canon’s because of the texture and overall look. I love black, that’s why. 😉

It’s also very affordable. For only Php 3,495, you get a fully-functional all-in-one printer for you to scan, copy and print your documents. 🙂

Canon PIXMA E500 printer

Canon PIXMA E500

This is Canon’s new ink-efficient printer that promises to produce 1,200 pages per set of ink cartridges. Definitely, this is good news for business owners like me as it’ll mean I get more profits from its printouts. It’s priced as Php 4,495 so it’s still very affordable considering its other features such as HD printing, high quality prints (Canon’s FINE printing technology), and that it’s an all-in-one printer too. 🙂


Canon PIXMA IP4970 printer

Canon PIXMA IP4970

This is the new model that replaced my IP3680 printer. It’s mainly a photo printer so you can be assured to get the best and long-lasting photo quality through Canon’s FINE, Hybrid and ChromaLife100+ technologies. It also has HD printing and the Easy Photo Print EX software that should make it easier for you to edit and print photos in a jiffy. 🙂


Canon PIXMA MG5370 all in one printer

Canon PIXMA MG5370

This printer, just like my MX416, allows wireless printing. You can even directly print from your iPhone, iPad and Android devices. It promises excellent photo quality prints as well because of the 5 individual ink tanks. It also offers direct card printing and Pictbridge. As you can see, there’s also a small monitor on top so you can easily navigate through the functions.


Canon PIXMA MG8270

Canon PIXMA MG8270

This is the most expensive of all the 5 new Canon printers. Why is it priced at Php 19,295?! It’s because of the LCD panel and a special touch-sensitive area to navigate through the various features and functions of the printer. Plus, it has 6 ink cartridges, with a separate gray ink for more vivid monochrome prints. It even has a film-scanning feature for those who prefer to use film instead of going digital.

I love all these new printers because of their very elegant designs, and the fact that they have a lot of the features that I always look for when buying a printer – duplex printing (to save on paper), innovative solutions (wifi and cloud printing), high quality prints and editing software that makes it easy for me to print specially-sized photos that my customers request for. Too bad I didn’t win in the raffle that night! 😀

From left - Host Honey with special guests Per-Andre Hoffman, Jo Avila, and Jun Miranda

Let me end this post with photos from the special guests who are long-time Canon printer users and are well-known in their own fields in photography.

Per-Andre Hoffman's best photo he ever printed

This is Per-Andre Hoffman’s best photo he ever printed. He shared with us the story behind this amazing, breathtaking photo while he was in Brazil. He said he had to climb out of the helicopter he was riding just so he can get a better shot of this magnificent scenery. Per-Andre’s photos / works have appeared on National Geographic Magazine, Vogue, Time, Newsweek, etc., so it was no surprise that he takes such wondrous photos. When I first saw this on the big screen on-stage, it literally gave me goosebumps. I love it! 🙂


Jo Avila's best photo

This is a photo from Jo Avila. I enjoyed listening to his story behind the photo – it was the first ever portrait photo of his dad with his grandkids (Jo’s kids). Touching. 🙂


Jun Miranda's best photo

This one’s from Jun Miranda. He chose this because of all the details and highlights on the photo. He said that only Canon can handle and print them out to his satisfaction. 🙂

We were actually asked to send in the best photos we’ve ever printed. Here’s the photo wall:

The photo wall at the Canon PIXMA launch

and here’s mine – a photo my bro took of our newest pet, Patty AmPATOan. 😀

Patty AmPATOan

Lastly, here’s a photo of me with my fellow bloggers who were there too – Fehdz, Jemimah and Ellen Joy. 🙂

With fellow bloggers

Are you a Canon printer user like me? Share your thoughts on these new Canon printers, will yah? 🙂

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