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Facebook Page Timeline for Mobile, Calendar, File Uploads and Other Updates

Before I continue this post, I’d like to say that although I use other social media sites other than Facebook, this social networking site has been the most active in rolling out updates or changes. It’s like there’s never a week when there’s no Facebook update. Love them or hate them, no matter what you say (with conviction or not 😀 ), that you’re boycotting Facebook, we know that’s just BS ’cause we know you can’t leave the site. 😛

Since Facebook has been the most updated of all the social media sites, I’ve been more observant of the changes that are being implemented, but I’ll still share news from other social media channels I’m following, promise. 🙂 Now, let’s get back to business.


Upload Files for Facebook Groups

Though this is not entirely a new update, some of you might not have seen this yet. Yes, you can upload files through messaging, but now you can upload on a Facebook group’s wall.

You can now upload files to a Facebook group wall

I tried uploading different files and I learned that you cannot upload music files (no piracy) and executables (.exe). Videos, small movies and PDF files are okay. I tried uploading a zipped file of fonts and it went through smoothly.

File uploaded - zipped files are okay

There’s a dedicated tab on the group for all the files that have been uploaded, including all the documents that were created before.

List of files




Facebook Timeline for Pages Mobile

Facebook has rolled out Timeline for Pages for mobile devices. As soon as I learned about this, I upgraded my Facebook app on my Blackberry 9900 just to confirm if we have it on here too. Well, it’s available for Apple devices and Android only, it seems.

Facebook Timeline for Pages for Mobile devices

Image credit: UberGizmo

Also, the Facebook app now enables you to like a comment, see who liked comments made on posts, etc. And there’s now an Activity Log, so you can delete posts or stories.




Facebook Events Calendar and Improved Status Announcements

Facebook now displays events in a calendar format. You’d see that some of the dates are links. When you click on them, you’d see a list of your friends who are celebrating a birthday or any big, important event.

Facebook Events List

You can view Facebook Events as a list or calendar. The calendar view makes it easier for you to plan ahead in case you’re attending multiple parties or events on a future date like for a birthday party, wedding, anniversary or baby shower (and don’t forget to buy your mommy friend her maternity sleepwear). Your very own planner right on Facebook. 😉

Events Calendar on Facebook
(click to zoom)

You can even export the events into your Apple iCal app, Microsoft Outlook or Google Calendar. 🙂

Export events from Facebook Calendar

Also, I noticed that relationship status updates for engaged and married couples can now be seen on the upper right side of the newsfeed or main page. This makes it easier for you to see if any of your friends recently just got engaged or married, and you can send them your well wishes. A high school batchmate just recently got engaged and I saw it there. Sadly, though, I wasn’t able to take a screenshot, so I’m using this one I got from Google (credit):

Facebook shows ecently engaged or married friends

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

These are just some of the Facebook updates I’ve noticed. I wonder what other changes will happen this week. 🙂

I’m waiting for the update giving us the ability to see who has viewed a certain post on a Facebook group wall.  This may come in handy for important announcements for a small group you handle. It’ll let you see who has seen it and bump the post when needed. However, this will not mean the ones who saw the post actually understood or completely read it. 😀

Facebook Lets You Edit Own Comments

Ever experienced leaving a comment on someone’s Facebook post only to realize you committed a grammatical mistake a few minutes after? Or have you ever wanted to add something to your previous comment, but it’s way past the time you’re allowed to edit? I’ve experienced both, and being a what we call grammar nazi, I sometimes panic upon realizing that I had a lapse in grammar in a previous comment. 😀 Now, you can edit your own Facebook comments even those that you posted a long time ago.

One of the features of Google+ that I absolutely love is the ability to edit your posts and comments without having to delete them and starting all over.

You can edit your comments on Google Plus

It was one of the things I wanted Facebook to have. It’s been problematic since there are times a comment you posted already received a certain amount of likes or responses, so you didn’t want to really edit it.

Edit or delete Facebook comments

I know, some of you might say how shallow to be whining about having this feature on Facebook, but there are some uncontrollable instances wherein you’d need to just edit a portion of your comment without deleting it completely.

Here are a few of the instances I would need to use the edit comment feature on Facebook:

  • I’m on my mobile when I left a comment. I can’t tag people yet to notify them better that I was replying to their comment.
  • You have fat fingers ( 😀 ) or clumsy fingers. I sometimes press multiple keys and I don’t see that mistake ’til I go home and check on my laptop.
  • My own grammar mistakes haunt me, I tell you! So, it’ll give me some peace of mind if an old comment I posted with a grammar error can still be edited. That way, it’ll look like it never happened. I’m PERFECT! LOL 😀
    Well, to be quite honest, I seldom commit grammatical mistakes when I post comments ’cause I’m very OC about that. I tend to watch my grammar on my comments more than on my actual blog posts. 😀


IMPORTANT NOTE: Though you can now edit your comment and make that mistake or grammatical horror go away, people will still know you made changes because your comment will now be marked or flagged with “Edited” right below your message:

Your comment will show up as 'Edited'

Well, you can always make up some BS excuse why you edited your comment anyway, so it’s all good. 😉

I just wish Facebook can also add a feature to edit the actual post. Right now, we can only edit the captions for photos we post on our walls, which will then change the status message itself.

When you post a link or just plain text, you can’t edit it anymore once it’s out there. It’s either you delete it completely or acknowledge your mistake through a follow-up comment. But, why would you want to do that? 😛

Google+ has this feature already, allowing you to change your posts without removing the tags too. I bet Facebook will catch up soon. 🙂

Google Plus allows you to edit your post

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

Now, if only Facebook or Google+ would allow us to edit someone else’s comments. 😀 Just kidding!

What do you think of this update? Are you also glad that Facebook allows us to edit comments now?

Facebook Updates : As of Last Week of June 2012

Whenever Facebook is acting up, I’m pretty sure they’re working on some changes or adding new features again. Here are some of the latest Facebook updates this week and a couple of things I noticed that were changed this month of June 2012. Please note that if you don’t see some of these changes yet, you probably are still not using Timeline OR you’re still next in line.


Vanity URL for Facebook Pages Anytime!

Before, Facebook pages need to have at least 25 fans before they can request for their vanity URL or Facebook username. Now, no need to wait or request for it. You can change it right away.

How to set your Facebook page's vanity URL or username

I changed one of my newly-created Facebook page’s username / vanity URL even when it had 2 fans only.

Facebook page username is available

Done changing my Vanity URL or page's username even with no fans



Changes in Facebook News Feed

I see more updates from people on my News Feed than from Facebook pages I follow, especially restaurants. So, I’m guessing that they’re now limiting the amount of posts for businesses that appear on my news feed. A tactic perhaps to get them to pay to promote their posts on Facebook.

It’s not that I don’t like seeing other people’s feeds, but I ended up hiding and unsubscribing to most of them, just so I can lessen the amount of their updates showing up on my feed.



My Interests Lists and Favorites

To resolve the above issue, I decided to create my own Facebook Interests feeds to keep all the pages and people I want to read from in one place.

Also, in case you don’t know yet, you don’t have to be a fan or to “like” a page, or be friends with someone to see their updates. You can subscribe to people’s public posts AND you can add Facebook pages to your Interests lists to subscribe without actually liking their page. See my example below.

My Interests list on Facebook and my favorites on the left

I’m subscribed to the Facebook page Everyday Jokes, but I’m not a fan of their page. Now, this makes it harder for page owners to keep their fans engaged and loyal, don’t you think?

You can subscribe to Facebook pages' updates without being a fan

But, I guess it’s time brands or businesses take this more seriously.



Hover Cards on Facebook

From the screenshot above, you’d see that when you hover your mouse on the Facebook profile photo or the name of the page or person, you’d see their Facebook Hover Card.

The hover card shows statistics like mutual friends, number of fans and friends who liked the page, and the cover and profile photos. Plus, information like the name or description will show up on top of the cover photo, right beside the profile photo.

Hover card for Facebook pages shows information

This may help gain you more followers for your page when other people share your contents on their walls. So, you might want to think about how your cover photo will appear. I personally don’t think it’ll have a great impact though, but it’s better to consider it when designing your cover photo just to cover all bases, right? 🙂

For Facebook pages that have claimed their address or place, there’ll be a map instead of the profile photo on top of their cover image. When clicked, this directs users to a full Bing map.

Facebook pages with claimed places will have hover cards with Bing maps

Brands or businesses usually use their logos as profile photo. Because of the hover card, you might want to consider adding your logo on the cover photo too. I know, that might look too repetitive, but it can help identify or associate your hover card with your brand upon seeing the logo.

If you don’t think the hover card works, you can check the Insights of your Facebook page and there shows a statistic or number of “likes” you got from people seeing your page’s hover card. The screenshot below is for our food blog’s Facebook page:

On Hover Insights for Facebook page




Notification Bar for Facebook Page Admins

Update: They call it Voice bar which makes it easier for you to switch profiles.

I have my Facebook pages set so that whenever I do anything on the page, it’ll show up as an activity by the page.

If you want to interact with people on your page using your personal Facebook profile, you can easily switch using the link on the new notification bar for Facebook Page admins on top of the page.

A notification bar on Facebook pages


The last update on Facebook – changing our default email on our profiles to the Facebook.com email address – wasn’t accepted well by almost everyone I know. I think these changes I featured here will improve our Facebook experience, except for the fact that the reach of Facebook pages somehow appears to have been altered to the disadvantage of businesses. I’m hoping that will still change.

What other Facebook changes have you observed lately?

UPDATE: Facebook Changed Your Default Email Address

I know most of my Facebook friends are not aware of this yet – Facebook changed the default email on our Facebook accounts. There was no notification of this change, so if you have a different email showing up on your About page for people to contact you, it’s now changed to your @Facebook.com email.

Default email is now your Facebook email

No one seemed to be interested (at least among the people I know) in using their Facebook email address, so I’m not quite sure what they’ll be doing to make us want to use it. I’m pretty sure they’re working on something to keep us on Facebook. We can all just speculate for now ’til there’s an official statement.

If you want to change your email address back to your original email, just click on the Edit button on the Contact Info section on your About page. Then, click on the new button with the circle and click on “Hidden from Timeline“.

Change default email on Facebook

Now, obviously, if you’re not using Facebook Timeline yet, this won’t be there, as reported by someone on my list. You can also add multiple email addresses there if you want. I happen to not like anyone seeing my email address on Facebook. If they want to get my email address, they’d have to put some effort into it (see my contact page).

Just a few minutes ago, Facebook messaging was also down. So, I’m expecting to see changes within the next 48 hours.

What do you think will happen? Share your speculations at the comments section! 🙂

Why I Love / Hate Facebook Timeline PLUS Free Cover Photo Resources

I consider myself a very visual person. And I believe a lot of people would agree that images can grab our attention more than text. As the saying goes, “A picture is worth a thousand words” as a single image can deliver a message without the need for actual words or text. This is exactly why I LOVE Facebook Timeline.

Facebook Timeline Cover Photo

By the end of March 2012, all Facebook pages were automatically switched over to Timeline. Like it or not, you have to deal with it and be creative. And in my honest opinion, businesses can reap the most benefits from this switch because visuals or images can grab people’s attention better than writing a whole block of sales pitch. It forces everyone to be more visual on their presentations, and I think it is most effective.



Things that I LOVE About Facebook Timeline


I LOVE the cover photo and I know my fellow bloggers would agree with me on this. Our Facebook page can now look like an extension of our blog since we can use our blog’s header as the cover photo.

The Timeline or page’s wall also gives us a way to present photos better. What I do now is upload photos and then add the link to my blog post on the caption. So far, I’m seeing better responses from people who are following my pages. I now prepare a different photo for posting on my page to ensure it fits the 404 x 404 dimension required so the whole image is seen from the wall.

More visual Facebook Timeline

I also love that I can highlight posts to make them stand out among all the rest of the other posts. The image below isn’t a good example because I didn’t follow the 843 x 404 recommended dimensions for highlighted images. So, make sure you follow it if you want to maximize this. 🙂

Highlighted photo occupies 2 columns

I love that I can pin or sticky any post that I want so anyone who goes to my Facebook page will see that right away. Very useful when I have giveaways or important announcements. Any business, whether online or you’re selling tangible products like motorcycle parts and accessories, computers, gadgets, etc., you can benefit from this feature, for sure.

I love that I can customize and rearrange the tabs or buttons you can see on the top of the page. You can feature your favorite apps, or the most important sections of your page that you want your followers to see first. You can be all sorts of creative with it. I hope this week, I’d have more time to work on the designs of the tabs (dimension is 111×74) for all my pages since they all look so fricking simple now.

Facebook Timeline Apps and Tabs

Again, my tabs aren’t the best examples, but I will update this when I get more time to work on them 🙂

And I’m glad they added the feature for followers to send a message to the admins of the Facebook page. This is very useful since most people I know prefer to send messages through Facebook now than email, though I still prefer to receive emails for formality.

Facebook Timeline allows anyone to send page admins a message

Other things I love are the tab page and the ability to add Milestones (share your business or website’s history, when it was launched/established, you hit a certain # of fans, etc).

Facebook Timeline Milestone


Check the bottom of this post for links to different resources like dimensions you need to know, new guidelines on Facebook Timeline for pages, etc.




My Love / Hate Relationship with Facebook Timeline

Just like in any relationship, my love for Facebook Timeline is not perfect. There are things I hate about it that I wish they can work on in the coming days or weeks. See if you agree with me:

#1: I hate the Friends feed on the right side.

This is my view as an admin of the page. I don’t like seeing the box showing my friends activity related to my FB page. I hope I can turn this off next time. I only prefer to see MY own contents there or at least give me an option to disable these boxes.

Facebook Page Friends feed on the side

FYI: The screenshot was taken from my brother’s account that’s why you’re seeing my name there.

The said friends feed box also appears on followers of the page. The main reason why I hate it is because it shows even the oldest post. If they’d have this available forever, at least only show the latest updates.


#2: The quality of the cover photo images sucks.

I tried uploading images in different formats and it looks the same. And I made sure to follow the required dimensions (851×315). Using text on there makes the whole image worse. I’m still working on making them look nicer. Again, I need more time! 😀

So far, those are the only 2 I hate about Facebook Timeline. I’ll keep this updated as I encounter any more issues with it.

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