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Facebook Group Pin Post Feature : Finally!

I’m currently an administrator / moderator for a couple of Facebook groups, two of which are for Filipino bloggers. One of the frustrations of my responsibilities is bumping threads about rules or guidelines that all members should know.

When members have been fairly active, I would have to scroll through a number of posts or I have to use the search function to find the post or thread that needs bumping, which you do by posting another message so the thread will be placed on top again.

However, bumping a thread doesn’t guarantee that it’ll be easily seen by members since any other thread that gets liked or commented on will eventually take the first spots on the group wall.

Thankfully, Facebook has added a much-needed feature to Groups – Pinned Posts.

Facebook Group Pin Post feature

What this feature does is the same thing as the Pin feature on Facebook pages and Sticky for forums. The pinned posts will remain as the first threads on the group wall unless someone unpins them. Saves us a lot of time by taking out the need to bump important threads.


Facebook Group Pin Post Reminders

Here are a couple of things to take note about the new Facebook Group Pin Post feature:

  • This feature is only available to administrators or moderators of the group.
  • If there are a couple of posts you need to pin, you can do so.
  • For multiple pinned posts, if you have one discussion thread that you want to appear first, pin everything else then pin that important post last. Update: You can now only pin one post.
  • You can unpin posts quickly.

Facebook Group Pinned posts

It’s been a long time coming, seriously. And I’m just glad we now have the Facebook Group Pin Post feature as it’ll make it easier to manage discussions, reminders and even events for Facebook discussion groups.

What do you think of this new Facebook feature?