Should Your Cloud Be Public or Private?

Cloud computing seems to be in all of the computer headlines recently. Everywhere you look, someone is making some sort of reference to the cloud. Large companies all over the world have quickly adopted this new computer model. There are so many reasons that cloud computing is better, but there are two very different forms of cloud computing out there. Should you put your business into a public cloud, or is a private cloud a better solution. In order to find the answer to this question, it is important to know the differences in each type of cloud hosting.

Welcome to the Public Cloud

A public cloud hosting environment is also known as a shared cloud hosting environment. All of the virtual computing services are provided over an Internet connection. This Internet connection is public. There is little to no control over the access or the cloud infrastructure. This type of cloud hosting has several advantages. Public cloud hosting solutions offer simpler software, hardware and administration. There is also no expense associated with trying to develop an in-house cloud solution. All of the resources in a public cloud hosting environment are shared across the Internet. This means that companies will not have to manage or administer any of the hardware that is located within the cloud’s infrastructure. Public cloud hosting environments can be scaled up to meet a company’s needs. As a company grows, the public cloud hosting environment can grow with it.


Welcome to the Private Cloud

This sounds like some sort of private club, and it can be called several different things. The most common is private cloud, but some businesses refer to these cloud systems as an internal or enterprise cloud. A private cloud hosting environment does not serve all of the data through a public Internet. All of the data goes through a company’s private intranet. Private cloud hosting solutions cannot always be scaled up as quickly as a public cloud can. In a cloud computing private cloud environment, the computing power capacity is often determined by the hardware or software that is located within the private cloud.

Determining which cloud hosting solution is right for your business will really depend on your individual businesses needs. There are several companies out there that offer a wide variety of cloud hosting solutions. Scalematrix offers secure private cloud solutions, hybrid cloud solutions and cloud storage solutions.

In the end, determining which cloud hosting solution is best will really depend on your budget. Prices vary based on each service and provider.

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