5 Tools for a Better Car Audio System

Let’s face it: Sometimes your playlist is the only thing keeping you from insanity during a traffic jam or a long, dull commute. So doesn’t it stand to reason that your car audio should be optimized for perfection? Here are five great tools for turning your vehicle’s standard audio equipment into a state-of-the-art system.

Car audio

1: Alpine KTP-445U

This four-channel amplifier will blare your music like you’re in the front row seat of your favorite concert. You can also, however, turn it down for crystal-clear radio talks or podcasts.

Alpine KTP-445U


2: Pioneer AppRadio 3

Sync a 7-inch multitouch display with your iPhone or Android for a flawless entertainment system right in your vehicle. If you’re too responsible to take your hands away from the wheel while driving, enable the voice controls.

Pioneer AppRadio 3


3: Kenwood KFC-1654S

A set of full-range speakers can make all the difference in catching all the dialogue of an audiobook. Don’t play around with cheap, inefficient options; invest in these 6-inch, 3-range, 35W RMS beauties.
Kenwood KFC-1654S


4: JVC KD-X250BT

The JVC is a digital media receiver that will delight audiophiles as well as the tech-obsessed. Fully iOS compatible, it also comes with full Pandora control and SiriusXM readiness.



5: Sony XS-GTX121LS

For true surround sound, a single subwoofer isn’t enough. You’ll need an entire set, like this one from Sony, which comes with enclosed 12-inch subwoofers and a staggering 1000W peak. If you want your bass to be felt all the way in the next car, this is the system for you.

Sony XS-GTX121LS

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