Importance of a Reliable Time Clock

Time Clock for employeesThe time clock measures the pulse of any office. It takes attendance and keeps the hours, as well as connects all aspects of the workplace. The time clock has come a long way from the days of employees just punching in at the beginning of the day and punching out again at the end of the day. employee time clock software allows employees to perform time keeping routines other than punching in and out and includes requesting time off and printing time reports from their own desk. The software also includes managerial functions including hour’s approval, time data correction and time and analysis reporting. The software is ideal for companies with multiple locations but have the need to tie all offices together with one standard time keeping function.

Timeclockeshop offers software compatible with corporate networks, as well as browser web based applications. The time is stored electronically and is available for the necessary time related functions. Time clock software will add efficiency to any office and allow managers to identify areas where efficiency is less than desirable.

The software comes with single, multiple or network licenses and is easily installed on any W.A.N. or L.A.N. network. Electronic software is a powerful employee tool that can help employees track their time and in turn, productivity.

The Timeclockeshop also offers hosted time clock software that is computer based, but not installed on the customer’s network or computer. That means there is no IT staff necessary to maintain the program, or to handle upgrades when they are available, including upgrades. The software provides the same functionality as the home based program but is fee based depending on the number of employees.

Managers, supervisors, as well as employees, are able to punch in from their own desk or workstation. All employees have the ability to print their own time reports or the system can be set to allow only certain individuals view and print time reports.

An available option is a remote time clock, to allow all or some employees to punch in and out where a computer is not practical. The time clock tracks time in the same manner as a computer based time tracker. The time clock does not incur a monthly fee as it is a purchase item.

A hosted time clock system provides the customer with accurate time allocations to specific projects and helps the employer to always be in compliance with wage laws.

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