Is Radio Advertising Still Effective?

With the boom of social media in the past few years, one would wonder if traditional advertising in newspapers, on television and on the radio is still as effective as before. If I have to pick one from these 3 mediums as the most influential, it has to be radio advertising. No wonder there are media people who still offer this, including Howard Stern advertising, and many companies remain eager to run ads on air.

Listening to the radio

I admit, I haven’t really listened to the radio except during power outages. However, there are many instances in my daily life that I get a chance to listen to the radio. Every morning, my dad listens to the AM radio to listen to commentaries about the news. Whenever I’m commuting, may it be on a jeepney, taxi cab or bus, I get to listen to the radio as the drivers usually have their favorite station playing in the background.

Car radio

In my experience, and I believe many people can relate, though I’m a very visual person,  I easily recall things that I hear. I have crazy imagination too, so radio advertising would be very effective in getting the message across with people like me.

And I’m sure millions of people across the world, or even in my own country, would agree with me that radio advertising is still effective in terms of recall, especially when someone I know, like my favorite DJ or radio jock, delivers the advertising scripts. Our brains are programmed to remember things we hear, almost as much as what we see.

How about you? Do you think radio advertising or traditional media is still as effective now that we have various social media networks? Share your views!

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