Multiply is Closing Down by May 6, 2013 : A Look Back

Ever since I experienced the convenience of shopping online, especially for cosmetics that I already trust, I never looked back. My first ever online shopping experience was through back when you have to manually contact the online seller for the transaction. Now that Multiply is closing down on May 6, 2013, it’s a sad day, but I completely understand this business decision.

Multiply Marketplace is closing down on May 6, 2013

Many people were saddened by the news that the social networking part of Multiply was closing down. I was one of the many Multiply bloggers and users who enjoyed connecting with people on their site before the social media giant Facebook opened its doors.

When I learned that they were transforming their website to a local online marketplace, I was excited. I was even one of the bloggers who went to their press event where they made the announcement. When they went through a redesign, I thought they’ll continue to grow from there.

I remember buying my first gadget online from DB Gadgets – my Canon IXUS 220HS (I lost it just this year 🙁 ). Since then, we bought 2 more gadgets from them.

My Canon digital camera that I bought from DB Gadgets

Yeah, I WAS one of those people who name their gadgets. 😀

I was introduced to my top favorite online beauty store, Digital Traincase, through their Multiply store. Thankfully, they have moved on to their own e-commerce site after the recent issues.

Multiply has helped many online sellers and internet shoppers at the same time. They provided a venue for both to connect in a secure and comfortable (familiar) environment. Before the server issues in the past weeks, transactions went on smoothly on my end.

Multiply Marketplace closing down is a huge opportunity for online stores, but a setback for many online sellers who depended on Multiply for their business to run. I’m sure they’ll find a new venue to sell their products.

To everyone at Multiply, thank you and we wish you all good luck! 🙂

You can read more about this news here.

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  • its really a sad news.. i hope they’d be back with a vengeance (with better business platform that can be a win-win situation between them and their customers.) i really thought they were doing better when they switch their line of business to purely e-commerce. i really hope they’d be back.

    • I think they’re closing the e-commerce part for good ’cause it wasn’t as profitable as they initially thought it would be so I don’t see it coming back. I also thought that they’re already doing better ’til the server issues the past weeks. I got used to their system and felt secure about transactions through Multiply, so it’s really sad news.

      Sayang, but we’ll see. Many of the online stores I know have already started moving out of Multiply even before this. I heard complaints from some of them saying they’d much rather have their own e-commerce site so they’ll have full control over everything. For small-time online sellers though, truly a bummer.