Facebook Reply to Comment and Nested Comments Feature

There’s a new Facebook feature that I noticed on my account that I use for work. A feature that enables people to reply directly to comments posted on a photo, video or status message. Responses will show up as a separate thread below the comment, just like nested or threaded comments for blogs. Here’s an example showing the 2 actions you can do on comments on a Facebook thread – Like or Reply:

Facebook reply to comment

Once you click on Reply, there’s a separate text box for you to type in your response to the said comment.

Reply to Comment on Facebook - new thread

Here’s how the nested comment thread will look like, a screenshot I took of another Facebook page:

Nested comment threads on Facebook

In my opinion, it’s a great addition to Facebook so conversations will be more organized. People won’t have to tag others just to indicate who they’re responding to. I’m not sure if responding to a comment will notify that one person only. I’ll have to test this and will update this post.

I hope Facebook will implement this everywhere, even on personal accounts where conversations can sometimes be chaotic. 😀

I only see this feature on select Facebook pages, so I’m keeping my eye out on this update.

What do you think of this new nested comments feature on Facebook?

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