Developing a Successful Bring Your Own Device Program

Smart phones are getting smarter, and more people are starting to use their smart phones for business purposes. A smart phone is no longer a simple device for texting, it is now a powerful computer that can make it much easier for an employee to do their job. There used to be a clear line drawn in the sand that separated technology on a business and a personal level. This line no longer exists, and if it does, then personal devices have crossed that line and come into the business world.


Companies all over the world have noticed that employees who use their own devices are more productive with their jobs. Companies have also noticed that employees who use their own devices seem happier. Allowing employees to use their own personal device gives them a sense of freedom that they did not have before. Everything they use for work was owned by the business. Now they can use their own device to help them accomplish their daily tasks.

IT administrators now have a full plate. They must now deal with all of these mobile devices that are accessing the company’s network. In the past, employees had to ask permission before they used their own devices during work hours. This is no longer the case today. Employees just simply use their own devices when they want.

Companies must successfully come up with a BYOD program. The IT administrators must help companies determine how to create this program. They are the ones that are going to have to deal with all the mobile devices that are constantly accessing the company network. They will be the ones that can make the best suggestions on how to successfully manage all of these mobile devices at one time.

A successful bring your own device program should also include a very strict and constantly enforced policy. This policy should inform employees of their rights when they use their own personal devices during work hours. These policies should also inform employees of what they have access to, and what they don’t have access to. In case of emergencies, these policies must also include some sort of remote administration for all mobile devices. In order for these policies to be successful, every employee must read and fully understand the full extent of these policies. Many companies have chosen to make all of their employees sign documents stating that they fully understand the companies mobile device management policies.

These small devices are only going to get more powerful in the years to come. Establishing some solid ground work now, will help build a strong foundation in the years to come.

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