I Miss This

Over a week ago, I got together with my long-time friends at our favorite restobar here in Malabon – Balsa sa Niugan (I’ll be featuring them on our food blog). It was spontaneous and we were all joking around about how our unplanned meet-ups are more likely to happen than the scheduled ones.

My friends and moi at Balsa sa Niugan

We met up really early, around 6pm – something completely unfamiliar to us all since we were all used to meeting when the sun has set. But, it was fun and we all realized how silly we’ve been when we were younger and how much we miss getting together like that night.

We used to hang out  A LOT at our old home in Navotas. We had a terrace and a videoke machine that’s ready for everyone’s enjoyment. We’ll drink for hours like we had no other worries. Let’s just say that we all underwent a great deal of change… thankfully, for the better. 🙂

I’m hoping that after our home has been renovated, I can invite them all again to drink and be merry here at our new home in Malabon. My parents are planning on putting up a gazebo at our backyard, so maybe we can all hang out there soon. I can buy tubs for beverages, so we won’t have to go back in the house to get more cold beverages, wine or beer.

Now, if only I can have our videoke machine set up out back. 😀

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