Facebook Lets You Edit Own Comments

Ever experienced leaving a comment on someone’s Facebook post only to realize you committed a grammatical mistake a few minutes after? Or have you ever wanted to add something to your previous comment, but it’s way past the time you’re allowed to edit? I’ve experienced both, and being a what we call grammar nazi, I sometimes panic upon realizing that I had a lapse in grammar in a previous comment. 😀 Now, you can edit your own Facebook comments even those that you posted a long time ago.

One of the features of Google+ that I absolutely love is the ability to edit your posts and comments without having to delete them and starting all over.

You can edit your comments on Google Plus

It was one of the things I wanted Facebook to have. It’s been problematic since there are times a comment you posted already received a certain amount of likes or responses, so you didn’t want to really edit it.

Edit or delete Facebook comments

I know, some of you might say how shallow to be whining about having this feature on Facebook, but there are some uncontrollable instances wherein you’d need to just edit a portion of your comment without deleting it completely.

Here are a few of the instances I would need to use the edit comment feature on Facebook:

  • I’m on my mobile when I left a comment. I can’t tag people yet to notify them better that I was replying to their comment.
  • You have fat fingers ( 😀 ) or clumsy fingers. I sometimes press multiple keys and I don’t see that mistake ’til I go home and check on my laptop.
  • My own grammar mistakes haunt me, I tell you! So, it’ll give me some peace of mind if an old comment I posted with a grammar error can still be edited. That way, it’ll look like it never happened. I’m PERFECT! LOL 😀
    Well, to be quite honest, I seldom commit grammatical mistakes when I post comments ’cause I’m very OC about that. I tend to watch my grammar on my comments more than on my actual blog posts. 😀


IMPORTANT NOTE: Though you can now edit your comment and make that mistake or grammatical horror go away, people will still know you made changes because your comment will now be marked or flagged with “Edited” right below your message:

Your comment will show up as 'Edited'

Well, you can always make up some BS excuse why you edited your comment anyway, so it’s all good. 😉

I just wish Facebook can also add a feature to edit the actual post. Right now, we can only edit the captions for photos we post on our walls, which will then change the status message itself.

When you post a link or just plain text, you can’t edit it anymore once it’s out there. It’s either you delete it completely or acknowledge your mistake through a follow-up comment. But, why would you want to do that? 😛

Google+ has this feature already, allowing you to change your posts without removing the tags too. I bet Facebook will catch up soon. 🙂

Google Plus allows you to edit your post

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Now, if only Facebook or Google+ would allow us to edit someone else’s comments. 😀 Just kidding!

What do you think of this update? Are you also glad that Facebook allows us to edit comments now?

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