Protect your Online Reputation

Being a blogger and a social media strategist / marketer, I am well aware of how quickly anything can go viral and how easy it is for people to attack someone or spread negative and/or false information about any person or company. This is particularly bad for those who are not familiar about crisis management or how to resolve issues like this that can greatly affect one’s business, especially now that almost everyone relies for information online.

Reputation is more valuable than money

This is why on my personal, review and food blogs, I always point out that readers should take whatever they read on my blogs or from the comments of visitors with a grain of salt. There are companies out there, even PR people, who’ll use drastic measures to bring down a competitor. I even had a firsthand experience of being requested to write negatively about a certain brand, and I declined the offer even when it meant I’ll be paid almost double of what I earn from my actual job. Tempting, I know. But, I want to maintain my credibility as much as I can.

Googled myselfThis is where comes in. What they do is they help you push out REAL information about you or your company. They help you, just by the company’s name itself, build up your reputation or your image again to ensure that the truth about you is out there.

Some companies and people do resort to black propaganda to put down a competitor for many reasons such as they can’t beat them in a fair fight, or they’re in desperate measures to gain more customers. Worst, some are just doing it for fun or they want you to suffer – an act we call cyber-bullying.

Everyone seems to be using search engines to find out information about anything – one disadvantage of the internet, but we know we can’t do without our internet access. So, it’s important to know what options you have out there to help you ensure that only the truth about you and/or your company are the first things people would see on the search results.

Have you tried Googling yourself lately? Tell me what you’ve seen so far.

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