Thank Goodness for Group Buying Sites

As I’ve written before and on my other blogs, I am loving the convenience of online shopping. There are a ton of online stores, not to mention the online sellers on Sulit, Multiply, AyosDito, and eBay, giving us shoppers more options and, of course, bigger savings since most of them are posting their ads and products on free sites.

Last year, we saw the boom of group-buying sites. Almost every month, there’s a new group deal site launching, offering us discounts for various products and services from restaurants and other establishments / companies. These sites used to only have discount vouchers for dining, spas, hotels and travel agencies. But, now, there are more products you can buy through them at very big discounts, including cosmetics, beauty products, rustic bedroom furniture and other stuff you can add to your home. Lately, though, I’ve been monitoring the gadget deals they’re offering.

For instance, these deals from CashCashPinoy and Groupon Philippines. You can buy this Android Tablet for 51% off…

Onda Vi10 Elite Ice Cream Sandwich Android Tablet on Groupon Philippines

… or this Cherry Mobile M9 for Php 1,999.

Cherry Mobile M9 on CashCashPinoy

Most of the products like these are for pickup, especially when they’re not that expensive. But, I still prefer to shop through DBGadgets since I’ve bought a digital camera from them.

I know, there are group buying sites you need to be wary of. I wrote about the sickening ploys of MetroDeal which led me to buy vouchers for this restaurant who offered mediocre food after they tricked customers through false advertising. So, be careful. Make sure you do your research and don’t always trust that people (or companies) change. I’ve learned my lesson. I go for those establishments who respect customers, even those like us who buy discount vouchers.

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