Thank Goodness for Technology, We’re Healthier!

You might say I’m watching too much Grey’s Anatomy or Private Practice lately, but I am so amazed by the advancement of technology in the world of health care. Now, we get better or more accurate diagnosis of our illnesses or whatever is wrong with our body. And in more ways than one, technology has played a big role in saving lives.

Robotic Surgery

Take for instance robot-assisted surgeries. Now, anyone with the money or a high-end medical insurance can undergo very complicated surgeries that need utmost accuracy and precision. Though the whole procedure still needs a surgeon’s supervision, there have been a lot of unassisted robotic surgery already that have been truly successful. AMAZING, right?

My dad recently underwent lasik eye surgery and the doctor said it 2D Echo machinewas a robotic laser surgery. I was a bit nervous at first. I mean, it’s the eye so it’s still pretty serious. But, he was released the same day and his eyesight improved a milion times after a week. This made me decide to go through the same surgery soon. I’ve got too high eye grade already.

When it comes to diagnosis, now, we don’t have to wait for months before we get results of any medical tests. Even X-ray results are released a few minutes after you went through the machine.

Last time we were at Metropolitan Memorial Clinic (MMC) in Manila, my nanay and I went through an ekg test, 2D echo and a treadmill stress test. I know, it’s not the most advanced technologies, but it feels great to know that I can get proper diagnosis of any heart issues through these machines. These technological advances have made me very thankful because we are given better chances of improving our health quickly. Now, it’s all up to us if we’re going to take the necessary lifestyle changes to be healthy ( I’m guilty 😐 ).

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