Should I Make the Move?

You might have noticed a couple of days ago that this blog, and my other WordPress blogs, was down. First time, when you visit the blog, you’d probably seen the "Account is suspended" error. Second was a database error and then the last, before everything went back up, was an internal server error.

If you don’t know this yet, my WordPress blogs are hosted in a server owned by a very generous and kind person. He is hosting other bloggers’ sites on this server, including his very own blogs as well. Though I can manage fixing errors or problems myself, he’s been very helpful whenever I have questions or concerns. The thing is, though I have my own cPanel access, there are issues I can’t resolve on my own because it’s all in his control. And I can’t thank him enough for his patience.

Before I found out there were problems on our server, I was actually busy writing a blog post on our food blog about this brand that carries one of the high quality foam mattress I’ve ever used. I was all up into writing it that I didn’t even check our blog first, which is usually a daily habit of mine. I only found out the sites were down when one of my giveaway participants posted on my Facebook page for Pinay Reviewer telling me the blog is giving her the "Account is suspended" error. 😮

Anyway, what this post is about is my thoughts about moving to a server of my own. The only reason behind this is I feel a li’l shy about asking my generous host for help whenever there’s an issue. He’s very nice and I know he’s more than willing to help, but he’s uber busy as well.

The only thing that’s holding me back now is the convenience and, of course, I don’t pay for hosting. I know a ton of people will say go for free hosting. The server’s been reliable and I never had any issue actually. Like maybe once a year or once every 6 months, which is almost perfection.

What do you think? Should I make the move or what?

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