Blog Design: Notepad Corner

Last year, I was able to convince a close friend of mine to start blogging. To further push her to start her own blog, I promised her I’ll design a custom Blogger theme for her. Now, Notepad Corner is still sporting the theme I specially designed for the author, my friend Joy Blanca.

Notepad Corner's theme

I designed her whole theme from scratch. The only ones I didn’t create myself were the vector of the lady on her header (which I had to edit to match the colors of her blog), the pens on the sidebar titles, divider and signature, and that piece of paper on the right side with the brief description of her blog.

I tried looking for a notepad theme that will suit her, but I can’t find anything that would fit my needs for what I wanted to do with her blog. And, so, I decided to design all the elements myself. 🙂

Though I’m not a fan of the colors orange and peach, I think I did a pretty good job with satisfying her color preferences. 🙂

The header contains photos of her with her 2 sons and his loving husband Noi. 🙂

For the sidebar, I designed this header background to keep everything in harmony.

Sidebar header backgrounds

The post divider looks like this:

Notepad Corner divider

And her signature looks like this:

Notepad Corner signature

Her banner / badge:

Notepad Corner

And finally, her blogger card:

Blogger card I designed for JoyI changed the URLs since she already registered her own domains for the 2 blogs.

I think she loved her theme since she hasn’t changed it. 😀 And I’m proud to say I encouraged her to start blogging again ‘cause, dang, she has achieved a lot ever since. She was even one of the Top 10 Emerging Influential Blogs for 2011. Good job, sis Joy! 🙂

What do you think of her theme? 😉


I’m currently working on my portfolio, but I have to redesign this blog first. Only FREE designs will have a post on my blog. The ones that I did with a fee, they’ll just be displayed as screenshots. I’ve so far designed banners, headers, logos, themes for Blogger and WordPress, and even funny t shirts. I can’t wait to put them all in one place. 🙂

There have been a lot of inquiries about my rates. I promise to officially start offering my web and blog design services by next year. Stay tuned! I might start it up with a giveaway of a complete theme for Blogger or WordPress. So, if you like my design concepts or style, keep posted for that. 🙂

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  • joy

    I dearly love the theme you made for me Thank you very much!!

    Oh! i did not know that my color preference gave you a hard time hehe, I am sorry for that Girl, yet it has been a great challenge for the creative and the geek Mhel had come up with a perfect work! Kudos sis!

    I will never let the theme be replced, not ever! It is one of my prized possessions that I want to keep.

    I sincerely thank you sis for your help and encouragement. More power BlankPixels!

    • @joy, hahahaha… oops! I remember telling you about it or maybe I rephrased it to make it sound nicer. 😀

      I’m so glad to know you love it. 🙂

  • I still envy her theme! I so love it! Dapat gawan mo ako. Hehehehe…