Gadgets I Own and My Wish List

I admit, I’m not a gadget freak. I can go on a day or months without a new gadget and I won’t mind. Heck, when I first moved on from the Nokia 3210, it took me over 2 years before I finally decided to reward myself a Nokia 7610 for working so hard for years. 😀

Nokia 7610

I guess it’s the practicality of it all that keeps me from buying the latest gadgets. As they always say, if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it… or in my case, don’t replace it. So, for the past decade, I’ve only had 2 mobile phones and I only had to replace the first one ‘cause it was already broken. This is the one I’m using now, and I even got it as a prize from a Twitter giveaway (oh and I won another one from an international giveaway) – my Nokia 5230.

My Nokia 5230s

But, because of my brother, I gradually developed this love for gadgets, especially after I owned my first Apple iPad (again, I won it as a prize). I’m saying first because it’s no longer with me, but I’m planning on getting a new one – an Apple iPad 2 probably.

My Apple iPad

Now, I have these gadgets that I almost can’t live without (not including all the computers, printers and networking gadgets I have at my computer shop):

  • My Nikon D3100 DSLR camera. I told myself I don’t really need this, but dang, when I finally got my hands on one, I understood why people invest on these expensive cameras. I’m still learning more about how to take better photos of food for Certified Foodies, but I’m pretty satisfied with the outcome. 🙂

My Nikon D3100 DSLR camera

  • My Canon IXUS 220Hs – Though I already have a DSLR, I still can’t go anywhere without this. It still gives me high quality photos so if I don’t feel like bringing out my DSLR, I use this point-and-shoot. 🙂

My Canon IXUS 220HS

  • My Logitech Trackman mouse – It’s a MUST-HAVE and a necessity for me because of wrist pain that I began to feel on my right arm. I’m so used to this now that I can even design and extract on Photoshop using this baby.

My Logitech Trackman mouse

So far, those are the only note-worthy gadgets I have. I’ll update this post or probably I’ll publish a new list when I buy (or win) new gadgets.

Here’s my gadget wish list and I’m hoping I can scratch one off the list sometime soon. 🙂

  • Blackberry Bold 9900 – I consider this my must-have for now. After I got a chance to hold a demo model of this phone, I can’t get it out of my head (and Ken too). I just have to own one of this! 😀 I love that it has a wider screen and the keys are easier for me to press.
  • Apple iPad 2 – Not really a necessity, but I miss my iPad so much, especially when I don’t feel like sitting up to check my emails or comments on my blogs.
  • New CPU with Intel i7 processor – I need more processing power on my computer so this is actually one of my top priorities.
  • Kinect for Xbox 360 – Will I be able to use my old Xbox hard drive with this? I’m not sure. But, I want this so my bro and our nanay can work out with me at home. 🙂

How about you? What gadgets do you currently own and are on your wish list? Share them with me, c’mon! 🙂

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