Blog Design: (Makeover)

There’s a new food blogger in town – Karl aka as Santelmo over at Pinoy Muffin Top. I was able to convince him to start a food blog and, as a gift, I promised to design a blog theme for him. It was more of a Blogger blog theme makeover actually.

This was how his blog looked before the makeover:'s theme BEFORE the makeover -

He was using a free Blogger template for food blogs. I actually found the colors and the background image appealing so I incorporated some of it on his new theme.

Karl wanted a clean layout. So, I used a li’l minimalistic approach in the whole design process, most especially because I was designing for a guy.

( details on the makeover after the jump 🙂 )

And, this is the result, the new theme for Pinoy Muffin Top:'s theme AFTER the makeover -


Karl loved the colors on Serious Eats. So, the main colors of his new theme were red, orange and olive green. I just added that darker border along the whole layout for depth.



Initially, Karl wanted a funny caricature or vector image of a guy with muffin top. But, I was able to convince him to go for something else that will suit his writing style better. And, so, I ended up with a muffin on the header and just let the rest of the blog title to the reader’s imagination. Hehehe 😀

I tried not to put too much cuteness on the layout since this was a theme for a guy. I’m just glad that Karl’s okay with those pastry Social Networking icons I used for the header.

And, I think this is becoming a signature, I placed the Feedburner email subscription on the header, too.

I also added 2 navigational menus for his static pages and favorite categories.



On the footer, you’d find 3 columns, which was what Karl wanted. I also added a page navigation in replacement of the previous/older and next/newer entries links.'s footer -



There were a couple of other elements I did for Pinoy Muffin Top. I made him a watermark, 125×125 banner, the very simple Read More image, signature, and the Facebook fan page photo.

Miscellaneous elements for -

Since I liked the background image of his old layout, I incorporated the fork, spoon and knife for the post divider, and used 2 of them too on the Post Title icon.

Check out the complete theme makeover now of Pinoy Muffin Top. Let me know what you think, okay? I sure hope Karl genuinely liked his new theme. 🙂

Next on my queue is Joy of Notepad Corner. ^_^

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  • hihihihi! ^_^ Thank you very much, Mhel! I love what you did to my blog theme/design. You made it look more pro ^_^

    Thank you very much for giving much time and hard work in perfecting even the tiniest detail. And most of all, thank you for doing it for FREE ^_^ I am truly lucky to be a part of your circle of blog friends.

    You are a gift to all bloggers and a treasure to the blogging industry. ^_^

    • Aaawww… Thank you, Karl! I’m so touched. 🙂 *hugs*

  • wow, i did not know that you design too.

    My contest is up sis, hope you can join too. Thanks again.

    Blogging Giveaway
    Beauty Giveaway

  • joy

    weee, i’m next! i am very excited hihi

    congrats Karl! ganda ganda naman 🙂

    thanks so much in advance sis Mhel *hugs*

    • No problem, sis Joy! 🙂
      Can’t wait to be finally done with your blog’s design 🙂

  • Well done,

    BTW you did oneproudmomma (eidra’s theme) pala, i openly told her that I love the layout of her blog…one of the few that I really like.

    Brown Pinay
    My Point of View

    • Aaaw thank you so much! I’m glad you loved it, too 🙂

  • Diaper Days

    She must be very lucky to have friend like you..I have visited here blog and I love the new theme…you are talented!!

  • Great job with Pinoy Muffin Top’s blog theme reboot. I just visited it the other day and it was still sporting the old theme. 🙂

  • Wow meron ng blog si Santelmo? ang galing.. hehehe iba na talaga mga kasulit..

    To be honest the theme is obviously created by a girl.. good job blankpixels ako din pa design.. hehe lol!

    Anyway, I’m really happy that more and more kasulit are having blogs now…

    See you on top guys!

    Ringo aka olbizz

  • Great job on the theme makeover dear! Talentadong Pinay! ^_^ It’s really great to make a blog theme for someone special talaga. Been there done that, and it’s really satisfying and fulfilling (parang pagkain lang?) LOL!

    Blog hopping here. 🙂