The 12 Masters – THE Wedding Photographers – Promo Alert!

Are you getting married soon? Or there’s an upcoming celebration and you need a professional photographer to capture the special moments in one of the most important phases of your life? Well, look no more. The 12 Masters at your service!

The 12Masters Photography -

The 12 Masters is composed of 12 photographers specializing on weddings. The main man, Marvin Dungao, is actually a high school batchmate of mine and he completely surprised me when I saw him posting his works on Facebook and on his website. So, I knew I had to blog about him.

If in case I’ll be getting married in the future, I will surely hire Marvin with the rest of The 12Masters. I so love the effects and feel of his photographs. He captures those special moments like he actually feels the couples’ emotions and passion for each other. Don’t get me wrong, he knows how to have fun as well. Oh, I tell yah, he’s pretty awesome. And this ain’t a sponsored post, okay? I’m truly amazed by Marvin’s work.

Let the photos speak for themselves:
Image credits: The 12Masters

Prenup Photos

The 12Masters - Prenup Photo 1 -

The 12Masters - Prenup Photo 2 -

The 12Masters - Prenup Photo 4 -

The 12Masters - Prenup Photo 3 -

The 12Masters - Prenup Photo 5 -

The 12Masters - Prenup Photo 6 -

Wedding & Post-Nup Photos

The 12Masters - Wedding Photo 1 -

The 12Masters - Wedding Photo 2 -

The 12Masters - Wedding Photo 3 -

The 12Masters - Wedding Photo 4 -

The 12Masters - Wedding Photo 5 -

The 12Masters - Wedding Photo 6 -

The 12Masters - Wedding Photo 7 -

The 12Masters - Post-nup Photo 1 -

The 12Masters - Wedding Photo 8 -

The 12Masters - Post-nup Photo 2 -

Impressive, right? These are a few of my favorites from Marvin and his gang’s portfolio. For more, please check out The 12Masters Photography website.


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