Blog Design: One Proud Momma (WordPress Makeover)

Eihdra of One Proud Momma was the grand prize winner of my Make a Wish blog contest over at Just Another Pixel. Among her prizes, she won a custom blog design or makeover. But, for some reason, the sponsor disappeared on us. Since I already got familiarized with WordPress after putting up my first self-hosted WP blog (Pinay Reviewer), I decided to complete her blog’s makeover myself.

After the contest, Eihdra and I became friends. And, I was happy to complete the makeover for her. She had a LONGGGGGGG list of things she wanted me to do with her blog (she’s very aware of this, she even blogged about it *lol*) and I gladly accepted the challenge.


One Proud Momma before the makeover -



One Proud Momma after my makeover -

Almost everything on her list of ideas, I was able to accomplish. I’m pretty happy with the outcome. And I’m so glad Eihdra loved it.


Details of the Blog Makeover

She wanted pink and purple and I’m glad she loved how I combined those colors for her blog’s layout. She also likes butterflies so I added that pink butterfly on her blog header (rather subtly), and on her sidebar and blog title designs, including her post signature. Post signature -

I found 2 images that suited what I wanted to do with the header. There were a lot of space on the header so I decided to add that RSS email subscription on there, which I feel added more fun to the whole layout/design, don’t you think? blog header -

This is my first WordPress blog makeover project (I didn’t count my WP blogs, of course) and I feel that I’m now ready to do more blog makeovers. It’s fun designing for other people, really.

A couple of people already asked me about my blog makeover rates. Well, honestly, I don’t have a rates list prepared yet. I’ve been really busy with all the changes happening in our computer shop business so I might postpone posting that ’til December. I want to offer affordable blog makeovers for bloggers out there so keep posted for that. For now, if you are interested, please, contact me with your details.

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  • Your post pinged my blog and when I saw your new post, I hurriedly went over,lol.. Not that I wanted to be the very first commenter but I have a bit of spare time before I plunge into oblivion again,lol..

    I didn’t like it, Mhel, honestly…………………………………………

    I L-O-V-E it!!!!!!!!!!!!! lolz!

    My new blog is waiting for you,hehehehe..

    Again, I wanna say thanks for all the patience! *hugs*

    • Hahaha! You got me a li’l nervous with this comment. I got the email notification of a new comment and I didn’t completely read the whole thing, only the “I didn’t like it, Mhel, honestly…”. Hahaha. My heart literally skipped a beat.

      Thank you, sis. You’re on queue! *LOL* *hugs*

  • wow! ang ganda, idol!

    ang galing! pro na pro! i-business mo na yan! ^_^ pano mo nagawa yung banner niya?

    • Hahaha mga comment mo talaga, Santelmo. *LOL*

      I designed the header/banner through Photoshop. 2 vectors yan which I combined – the girl vector and the background.

  • i love how you did the makeover sis! congrats for a job well done. eihdra is one proud winner. i also had my share of winnings in your previous contest. galing mo talaga mag handle ng contest