• Ju

    Hi, my feed gives only the title, link and date for new blog entries but the email notification contains the entire content of the blog entry. Can I set the email notification to contain only the title, link and date?

    • @Ju, yes, you can set it to show only a part of your post.

      For Blogger:
      Dashboard > Settings > Site Feed > Allow Blog Feeds > change to Short

      For WordPress:
      Reading settings > “For each article in a feed, show” > set to Summary then save changes

    • @Ju, it’s actually at the bottom of this tut… hopefully you already fixed this 🙂

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  • hi! i came across this post while google searching on how to set up my feedburner email subscription to just send out summaries rather than the full post and i’ve followed all the directions you’ve listed.

    i’ve activated summary burner, and also changed my wordpress reading settings to show only the summary for each article in a feed. but does this apply to email subscriptions?

    thank you for your help!


  • thanks very much for your super-easy-to-follow instructions! i am still working out how to put the subscribe box under my posts (did you ever post about that? i can’t find it. til then i’ll just post the code as you suggested! thanks for taking the time to explain so much so clearly. Sara

  • awesome tips!! Thank you! I got my RSS feed up and running now 🙂

  • This was incredibly helpful! Someone just found my blog and was unable to use the rss button for some reason, so I needed a way for them to subscribe via email. Thanks!

  • Robin

    Thanks so much for all of the great info!

  • THANK YOU!!!!!!